Aradia is always out and about teaching workshops and Intensives around Australia and abroad. To book Aradia to teach a workshop at  your event, email by clicking here with your chosen topic/s from below or if you have something else in mind.


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Industrial Initiation

In this workshop, relearn the essential bellydance moves executed by the Industrial Method created by Aradia using her 3 movement styles. She'll cover you from head to toe in revised technique aimed at giving you stronger and more controlled movement no matter which genre you dance.

Once moves are remastered, we'll cover industrial transtions and movement initiation. Learn where each of YOUR moves are generated and how to get the best transition through your body.

Taking our essential moves and transitions, put them into practice with some drills and combos... some simple... some that will cause absolute mayhem in your mind.


Fearless improv

Many dancers are frustrated by improv, and it's no wonder; as they are often told to  "just do it" in class.

We'll use practical, step-by-step exercises to develop the most fundamental (and often neglected) skills needed for improvisation, so you can gradually let go and go into improv without fear.Even if you've tried before and given up, you can build the foundation you need to improvise with confidence. This workshop includes notes and workbook for all dancers as there is a high theory component. Your workbook will be an ongoing resource for the future development of your dance.

Journaling guided exercises such as movement recall, transition, safety moves and music/movement categorisation aims to arm the dancer with self discovered knowledge on the art of improvisation.


Death by Drills

For the Industrial enthusiasts, this workshop is full of non-stop drill action. Includes layering, movement, speed and musicality defiance. Taking the concepts learnt through Industrial bellyance technique, including fluid movement, popping, ticking, strobing and movement initiation, we'll combine this into many drills and combos for use and to solidify your understanding. These drills are designed to push your mind and body to the next level.


Industrial embellishment

Learn popping, ticking, locking, strobing, tutting, shoves, hits and recoil action. Aradia will show you how to interrupt even the most serene of movements with such intricacy that you won't be able to stop yourself. Through muscle awareness, weight transfer and energy manipulation, discover how you can spice up regular movement.


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