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Introducing the wicked one herself... Aradia

With over 29 years exerience from a huge range of styles including ballet, jazz ballet, tap, salsa, ballroom, street latin, african, bellydance, bollywood, hip hop and contemporary, Aradia has a wealth of knowlege of not only various dance forms but also teaching methods. 

Aradia is influenced by some of the best dancers internationally such as Rachel Brice (USA), Azziza Raqs (USA), Zoe Jakes (USA), Despina ( Australia), Shemiran Ibrahim (Australia), Hush Gypsy (Australia), Urban Tribal, Ansuya (USA) and Fifi Abdou (Egypt) - (just to name a few). 

Aradia now specialises in her own created style - Industrial Bellydance which is an intense fusion of bellydance with various styles of dance encompassing a strong focus on the industrial technique of execution danced to ambient industrial random sound. Aradia is also the director of the latest dance fitness program ~ HumanFusion®.

Industrial bellydance is not so much about the style but about the execution of your movement. Aradia wanted to create a more self aware dancer who is completely in control of every movement initiated. Industrial bellydance focuses on the 3 teaching methods taught by Aradia. Her industrial bellydance technique can be applied to any style of dance and is now available on her first DVD - Industrial Elements Vol. 1.

Aradia teaches in a Gold Coast studio and regularly teaches workshops both nationally and internationally. Aradia is in the process of launching 'The Goddess Series' - a program for the feminine spirit which she aims to take into schools, corporate offices and dance schools to reconnect women both to others and to themselves. But more info on that later...



"Your heart beats to a rhythm...

so close your eyes and find yours."


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